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Quote: Originally Posted by XLifted View Post
Nah, it's not complicated, but I just checked Corsair RM850i that has stellar reviews when it comes to AC ripple, and my EVGA 1000w PQ is still better
Sorry, but you're obsessing over things that don't matter unless you're doing extremely competitive overclocking. Look at me with my sig rig; I have the Corsair RM550x and I'm extremely happy with it. I didn't have to spend days or weeks trying to decide on it. I just looked at all the PSUs that are safe to buy and I went with the best one at a price I could justify spending and boom, I got a new PSU. Done, and done.

Tell me what you can justify spending and what your PSU will be powering, and I'll give you some options and then you can just choose one and be done with it. I guarantee you I won't recommend any that you'll regret buying.

Edit: Why didn't you answer any of my questions? Sigh. I knew I should have mentioned how much I hate that. I asked those questions in order to give you the help that you came here for.

Edit 2: Since the discussion below is about the noise, I haven't heard any sound coming from my RM550x. As for the claim that it gets hot, well, I'm not worried about it since my power draw is much too low for me to be concerned about the temperature of my PSU (it's definitely not worth getting down on my damn hands and knees to pull of my side panel every day just to touch my PSU in the middle of a gaming session). I estimate that my absolute maximum power draw (like while gaming) is about 350W, and 350W is only 63.64% of the 550W continuous output capacity, and my average power draw is closer to about 100-150W.

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