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Quote: Originally Posted by NexusRed View Post
Depends on what you want to do.

Do you want to use RTX/DLSS and have a full warranty? Get an RTX 2070
If you want to push frames and don't care about warranty, get the GTX 1080ti.
my screen is 60hz ultrawide 2560x1080, so pushing frames is not optimal for this i think.

Quote: Originally Posted by keikei View Post
I'd rather get the new card with a full warranty, or wait a month to see Navi and possibly get a better deal. My 1080ti died shorty after its 2 yr warranty, so you are playing with fire buying used. That is the gamble.
I can wait tbh. I want to sell my GTX1070 before buying a new one. I never buy 2nd hand stuff for pc. But they don't offer the 1080ti new in stores anymore. Everything is RTX nowadays.

Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
Depends where you are and if you can even get a 1080Ti close to those prices, let alone how long will it still run? Many pascal cards were mined on and abused, are quite old now with their life often coming to an end if used a lot. Sure the silicon may be fine, but the endless heat cycling, fan spining etc. puts stress on other components, solder joints, fans, ...

1080Ti is a better performing card but not always.

A new 2070 is around 500-550 EUR with VAT.
Used 1080Ti, depends where and if you can even find and get one, some regions they go around 500 no? But other like mine people are nuts, cards rare and want near new card prices at end of life of the card, nuts, low supply for a rare card.
I am in the Netherlands. The "Dutch Ebay" look alike site, they sell them for €550. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/compute...reviousPage=lr
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