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Quote: Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
Unfortunately upgrading your loop wont lower temps. Not significantly anyway. I am on 280+360 and mine is now at 5GHz. and still runs like a champ. But anything over the 5GHz mark on water is generally a tall order anyway. Its not really the loop. But the whole system cant remove the heat fast enough especially the bursts that Vishera is capable of. I still love my FX and its still good enough for the Vega 64 thats in her (sigrig not updated). But I know her time is coming. I wouldn't recommend any more money into the loop. I would think of an upgrade. The only upgrade over water that would really benefit would be phase change. Vcore is at 1.536 as you say. I imagine for 2800NB probably close to 1.38-1.4v on the CPU-NB. Thats a recipe for serious heat. But your bursts do sound a bit exreeme (in the 80s). Instead of going all in and spending the cash on the cooling or the upgrade (if you dont feel the need yet to upgrade why do it?) why not see if you cant tame those bursts. Maybe you got a kek mount on the block. Maybe the paste is old. Maybe you have a flow rate problem. I had a flow rate issue . I couldn't exceed 4.5GHz the otherday without breaking 60C core. (Normal for my rig is 50C core at 5GHz 1.475/ 2700CPU-NB 1.375V / 3000HTT) Turns out I installed the jetplate wrong and it was causing all kinds of issues. But at your level 5.125/ 2800 /3250 (Man those are nice clocks!) and I assuming the ram to back it up 2133cl9 or 2400 cl9 , you are at 4.1ish GHz Haswell territory. Should still be good enough for most if not all titles. 2080ti is big though. I cant imagine going bigger than V64 on my Vishera. But if there are guys in the LGA775 club running 771 Xeons with 1080ti's and 2080s and those things are much slower than Vish you should be alright for a little while more. Im planning on keeping mine into 2020. Heck maybe even until the end of silicone cause I cant imagine there is much life left in silicone beyond 5nm unless they figure out some way of stacking chips and taming the heat created by stacked CPU dies.

The thing is, I wouldn't go above 60c in the heaviest loads (These exact settings) before adding the 2080 Ti. So it's DEFINITELY because of the extra heat saturation and my thought is that if I add another radiator to deal with the extra heat from the Ti, I should be able to wrangle this back down to sane temps. I've never thought of retiring her alive, and honestly, without killing her, I'm pretty sure I'll just continue to make excuses for not upgrading well into the 2020s 😆 This really was an absolute endeavour to tweak these clocks stable, and I'm kinda upset the 2080 Ti is throwing so much heat into the loop, but that was expected I guess.
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