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sudo apt install sl
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Intel isn't even trying at this point. At least on the desktop hedt market, it has been stuck on 18c for a couple of years now. You don't even need to wait for cascadelake 18c just get 2990wx by AMD now, more cores and most likely faster overall. The 10 core for mainstream will most likely be dead on arrival after ryzen 3000, the only way it sells is if it is cheap which is unlikely knowing this is intel.
Intel has the most advanced multi-core topology. I say they are just showing off their engineering skills with a 28 core monolithic chip based on an 8 year old architecture. Intel's next generation architecture Ocean Cove is scheduled for 2021 and I'm sure Jim Keller is helping. Inte's Cascade Lake 56 core MCM processor has two 28 core dies with an interconnect.

“Could we have built a monolithic part? Absolutely. But it would have involved trade-offs that would have dragged our performance down because it would have been too large and too difficult to manufacture. Breaking Moore’s law is what we did with Infinity Fabric. Now thinking about that architectural innovation – so what? How do we think about it providing real performance and real demonstrable value”- Scott Aylor, SVP and GM Enterprise Solutions
AMD's Rome has 16 x 4 core CCX connected with their infinity fabric. We'll soon see how well it competes with Intel's Cascade Lake 56 part. Hopefully they worked with Microsoft to fix their scheduler issue or else it's going to be a problem.

AVX-512 is a large selling point for these HEDT and Xeons for developers who create their own apps.
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