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Quote: Originally Posted by Avonosac View Post
I got sick of rolling my eyes after just the first few sentences. You're missing the forest for the trees. You seem to be an android aficionado, but you aren't a security aficionado and you don't understand how attackers work.
One thing I never get tired of is learning, I'm all ears. So instead of one liner'ing it, let me know how I am wrong and what exactly it is I am missing.

I think of myself as pretty damn security aficionado, but I have a rule; I don't usually consider "social engineering" a valid security vulnerability/attack vector. I have no sympathy for getting owned by blindly trusting some one source, downloading sketchy stuff and/or mindlessly clicking through permissions without understanding them (whether that be phone, desktop or whatever) or running everything in admin mode. So if your post is going to "educate" me about how attackers work by tricking stupid people I don't consider that valid. Another thing, I made that post under the assumption that if you're here reading it, you are at least half knowledgeable and already have a good security setup. So even if you did have your token authentication whatever cracked you were smart enough to set up some kind of compartmentalization system for your personal security. Meaning that one thing being cracked wouldn't allow someone to hijack your life.

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