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Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
Intel has the most advanced multi-core topology. I say they are just showing off their engineering skills with a 28 core monolithic chip based on an 8 year old architecture. Intel's next generation architecture Ocean Cove is scheduled for 2021 and I'm sure Jim Keller is helping. Inte's Cascade Lake 56 core MCM processor has two 28 core dies with an interconnect.

AMD's Rome has 16 x 4 core CCX connected with their infinity fabric. We'll soon see how well it competes with Intel's Cascade Lake 56 part. Hopefully they worked with Microsoft to fix their scheduler issue or else it's going to be a problem.

AVX-512 is a large selling point for these HEDT and Xeons for developers who create their own apps.
Skylake-X already has AVX-512 (as does it's 1st refresh) and a core count that goes to 18 on the 14nm process. They are even re-using the 299 platform again with it so i doubt it will gain Optane or PCIE 4.0 support either.

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