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Overclocking & Benchmarking the RTX 2080 Ti Video Cards Now Under Water

I already covered overclocking these video cards when they still had the stock air coolers on. Now that they are under water, I’ll see how much more I can squeeze out of them.

I’ve seen a lot of people flashing their video card bios with various different versions with higher power limits, and from what I’ve seen it seems like it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, unless you are just trying to squeeze every last frame out of your video cards.

There’s also a shunt mod to make the cards use more power. I will not be flashing the video card bios or attempting any kind of shunt mod here. It’s just not worth it in my opinion.

To start with I ran the VF Curve tuner again. It came up with a score of +112.

Like before, I am using the Heaven Benchmark again for all the testing. The maximum GPU temperature during this session got to 40° C with a Water-Air delta max of 3.4°

Since previously both cards could do +900 on the memory I started there, and put the core clock to +120 where it crashed immediately. So I dropped the clock down to +110, and worked on the memory overclock first.

I usually just keep notes on a note pad, but I put this into chart form so you can see the “method to my madness”

With the Core Clock set at +110, it would crash with the memory set to +1200 and +1180, but would run fine with no pixilation at +1160. From here I run the actual Heaven Benchmark rather than just the video loop, so that I can actually see what memory overclock gives me the best results.

Dropping down +20 MHz at a time, you can see looking over this chart that even though the memory can run all the way up to +1160, my actual best score is with the memory set to +1040.

Now back to the Core Clock, I already know it won’t run at +120, but it does pass at +116. Amazingly my best Heaven score was with the Core Clock set at +112 which is exactly what the VF Curve Tuner came up with!

I finished up the overclocking here on Saturday afternoon with my best settings of +112 on the Core Clock and +1040 on the Memory Clock, and then I shut it down over night.

Early the next day on Sunday morning it was a nice cool 60° F in my work shop when I ran all these benchmarks. The video card temps stayed down between 28° to 29° the whole time!

These Heaven scores were with the CPU at 4.8 GHz. At 5.0 GHz the 1080P and the 1440P did not improve but at 4k the score went up to 3585. Here’s the Heaven screenshots at 4.8 GHz. These scores are good enough for the 8th, 9th, and 5th spots respectively on the Top 30 Heaven Benchmark Scores here on OCN.

Heaven 1080P FPS: 261.1 Score: 6577

Heaven 1440P FPS: 190.1 Score: 4788

Heaven 4k FPS: 139.7 Score: 3520

The rest of these benchmarks are with the video cards at the same +112 & +1040 settings, but with the CPU on my 5.0 GHz profile. The chart below compares these with the 4.8 GHz profile. On the Fire Strike Extreme Top 30 this is 10th and on the Fire Strike Ultra Top 30 this is good enough for the 4th spot.

Here is the Fire Strike Score: 34,143

Fire Strike Extreme Score: 25,393

Fire Strike Ultra Score: 15,583

In Time Spy Benchmark Top 30 I snagged the third spot (for now anyways).

Time Spy Score: 22,067

Time Spy Extreme Score: 11,742

During these benchmarks from cold start to finishing all the above benchmarks:

GPU temps ranged from 24° to 29°
Coolant temp ranged from 17° to 21°
Water – Air Delta ranged from 1.9° to 3.5°

I’ve added the these results in the two columns on the right of this chart I started during the air cooling overclocking. Remember when the cards were air cooled one card would only do +100 on the core clock, and one would do +135... but somehow together they both would run at +135

Now on water cooling my best Core Clock is +112, but the Memory Clock is quite a bit higher, and most importantly is that the GPU temps are significantly lower.

Overclocking the Video Cards and running all these benchmarks is one of the most fun parts of building a new rig for me. Had a blast doing this

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