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I've had Asus P5Q Pro running E8400 then Q8400, Core 2 Duo CPU was the first one I actually licked overclocking topic with. I was really satisfied with the motherboard, and tampering with all these vcores, NB voltage, PLL voltage and other voltages was really fun. All this FSB Wall finding, checking which voltage does what for stability, which one can be raised to lower core voltage, adjusting memory speed... The nostalgy is real . C2D made 4.13GHz with 1.28V, Core 2 Quad made 3.65GHz with 1.3V I think, can't remember now. The first one was getting thermal limited, the latter was my brothers and he forbid me from doing any overlock at all . Bought 10 years ago, runs till today and doesn't want to retire, would like to play with it some more but it's 420km away from me. There was also some other P5QL/EPU but can't remember anything about that, besides that it was paired with C2D E4600 for more than five years already.

I also owned three ASUS' GPUs - 9800 GTX+, which was replaced by GTX260 and GTX 460 1GB TOP version. The oldest died after two or three years of using, then I've tried killing the 2nd one with overclocking but it just didn't give up. I remember it heating up to 82C in Racedriver Grid and that was the only game that pushed the card to the limit ^^. Nothing else was able to heat it up even to 70C and there were some more demanding games too. GTX460 was serving well for five years, I remember it being able to hit 920MHz on core but that was a time I was scared of overclocking the GPU at all and didn't really want to kill this one, so I just kept it at 850MHz without much voltage difference. Good old SmartDoctor times . Completely satisfied with each one of them - strong for games I played, quiet and little power hungry.

The most recent addition to Asus family was Maximus VII Hero, at first paired with 4690k. I was really touched by its soundcard but it also had issues I struggled to fix, the sound was distorted on a lot of tracks. After a few days I managed by trial and errors to find a culprit. Preamplifier had to be toned down a bit, after that fix sound was clear and nice. Of course, I didn't have my current audio device back then . I found the UEFI, lots of configuration options, fan control and voltage readings amusing, it was the first board I actually learnt proper CPU overclocking, tinkered with advanced power settings, disabled unused features, MAKE BACKUPS. Absolutely amazing board. Then 4690k was exchanged for 5775c and issues surfaced. There were TONS of compatibility issues with this pair, the only way to maintain stability and full performance was to untouch anything other than CPU clocks, XMP profiles and voltages. Touching anything else produced problems. It was sent for an RMA, it was replaced but the replacement had identical issues. They were also briefly swapped for Z97 Gaming Plus for the duration of RMA. It was solid too and didn't fall too far from M7H (for my needs) but it also had damaged socket, which resulted in insane temperature reading issue, where one and only one core temperature could skyrocket from 60C to over 95C without any reason for some seconds then it came back to previous reading... or it could not because it also triggered overheating protection twice so PC shut down.

So far that's my story with ASUS products. Updated with photos! P5QL/EPU got retired this winter after getting finally swapped with P5Q Pro. It's still working and kicking though!
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