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I have this pump and it is a quality part besides what many people think of EK. Their Derlin parts are really well machined and the holders on this part are great too. The pumps are....well Laing made so no worries there. With that said it is a BIG part and should one get it make sure you study all the diagrams on EK's site since it needs its space...I got creative to mount it in my case (Cosmos 2 modded) so that it does not restrict airflow.

I had to raise its "feet" so I that it was at the center of the big fan (dead zone) and also have space to install a drain valve....anyway this is not finishes yet and I will change things soon to hard tubes, illuminated floor, some plexi / aluminium cover pieces, sleeved cables and other....

The way it is mounted does not cause any vibrations (running @ 50% both pumps) since the holder brackets have rubber inside holding the pumps. I am very satisfied so far after 8 months of use.
Nice buid!

Do you think shoggy is pintless in your case?

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