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Quote: Originally Posted by TwoCables View Post
I think the 9700K is a waste of money. I really, really, really urge you to consider keeping the 8700K. Ask around if you don't want to only take my word for it (but you would be benefiting from the weeks of daily research I did on this).

Here's why I think you shouldn't buy the 9700K:

  • It doesn't have Hyper Threading (yet Intel calls it an i7?!). The 8700K has HT, and yes, some games do benefit from it.
  • It will result in having inconsistent frametimes (noticeable frametime spikes, resulting in gameplay that isn't always butter-smooth). In all the tests I have seen, the 8700K gives better frametime consistency. Frametime consistency is what makes games seem smoother.
  • For gaming, its performance is usually identical to the 8700K, and sometimes it's inferior due to the lack of Hyper Threading. The 9700K is never better by enough of a margin to even begin to justify the higher price.
  • It is much more expensive (I know I'm being redundant here, but this is something I feel is worth stressing)

Also consider what you're upgrading from.

Seriously, with how expensive the 9700K is, this wouldn't be a wise purchase. It doesn't offer anything over the 8700K to justify the much higher price.
I think TwoCables are making a good point here (intentional bad grammar XD), but regarding frametime, it's not as if a 9700k is gonna give you choppy gameplay. In some situations where the CPU is heavily utilized (say, AC Origins for instance) you may get slightly worse frametimes but not to the point where it would stress you out or you would actually notice it. The 9700k is a very strong CPU and overall, slightly better than the 8700k but it does not warrant the price difference, I agree. In some situations where multi threading is involved, the 8700k would be better. Say you have a bunch of tabs open in Chrome, straming active and you're playing AC Origins and you would notice the CPU hitting 100% and frametimes being a little inconsistent but I doubt you would actually notice choppy gameplay.

Say you were severely CPU bottlenecked, like running a 7600k with a 1080ti or 2080 or even 2070, then you would see what bad frametime due to CPU bottleneck looks like.

All in all, I also urge you to keep the 8700k. The only sane upgrade from that is the 9900k.

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