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Quote: Originally Posted by TopM5 View Post
There are many people who do gaming and graphics work or video editing on same computer. If thats the case, readeons are useless.
Yes maybe but for gamers, AMD made alot of sense in the past with cards like 7970 and r9 290. I know gamers still owning the r9 290x overclocked that manage modern games. They could easilly be had on a budget even with past inflation. This can't be said about Nvidia though. Just look at their current prices for 2080 and 2080Ti and the relatively small performance gain you get over past generations in gaming.

Times were better back in the days for DIY builders. I feel parts has become extremely expensive, not only cpus and gpus but also watercooling parts and the performance boost is not as big as it used to incl. Intel cpus. I feel that every market wants to milk the customers as much as they can before it is too late. I predict that a gaming system today cost around 30% more than it used to 4 years ago having equivalent up to date components. As I said 700-800 dollars for a 2080, I don't remember the 1080 costing 700-800 dollars, more like 500 or so. 30% higher cost is substantial as the income hasn't increased by 30% in 4 years for average workers or welfare takers. You actually get less for you money these days in PC building as I have proved in my previous posts not to mention that there are still CPUs not having enough single core performance to not bottleneck some games at 1080p or not strong enough GPUs to reach 144 or 165 fps at 1440p with no fps drops.

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