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Quote: Originally Posted by tictoc View Post
5 years since I posted in this thread.

The 4790k, that I posted in this thread, is still running at the same clocks and volts (4.8GHz|1.28 volts), with the original application of CLU.
I'm quite surprised that CLU stays good for so long yeah. My 7700k is on my original delid and CLU 2 years exactly now and still the exact same temps as when I first delidded and OCed to 5Ghz.

I'm thinking of cleaning my H115i rad a bit and going for a bit more of a "dangerous" overclock as I have some room left in the voltage before it really gets up there. Running 1.36v now but I know it will survive up to 1.45-1.46v for a while, even if it will probably degrade at that voltage, but yeah 7700k's are pretty cheap nowadays so.. let's see if I can make 5.2Ghz or something on all 8 threads.

It will pretty easily do even 5.3Ghz without HT enabled so I have high hopes 5.2Ghz will run on HT enabled . If my H115i can keep the temps low enough (<90c with AVX stressing) before saturating and getting too hot.

EDIT: Ok, holy mother of.. It needs a LOT of volts to even remotely run 5.2Ghz stable with HT enabled... So far it seems 1.488-1.496v will kind of do for Prime AVX and temps aren't even that bad yet (94c hottest core) but that is a bit too much voltage even for my suicidal liking. I mean, i ran a 2500K on 5.3Ghz 1.525v for over 2 years and that thing is still alive somehow so..

EDIT2: It hates multipliers over 50.. I'm using BCLK OC now for 50x102.5 for 5125Mhz core and 4715Mhz ring and 2733Mhz RAM and this works just fine on 1.448v load. Temps maxed at 86/88/80/76 in Prime 27.9 AVX Small. Probably going to run high 60's low 70's in games. Totally acceptable temperatures imo. It should live for at least another year or so at that voltage / temperature before degrading too much.

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