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Quote: Originally Posted by Ceadderman View Post
I ask about UPS out of surge protection. I run a power strip with integrated surge protection but have run an UPS in the past and will use one in the future. With integrated surge protection of course.

The surge protection on UPSs (again, not Double Conversion but Line Interactive) is slightly better than that of a power strip (at least that is what my testing showed), but the reaction time and overvoltage trip value is high enough that your PC will have to manage on it's own for some milliseconds. (usually over 10ms) I'm not going into detail as this is bound to spark some OT dispute. Either way, my system is on an APC Smart UPS 1500 (which is overkill for home use).

Quote: Originally Posted by Shawnb99 View Post
What do you mean by worn out? I have 6 Vadars per channel myself so now I’m concerned this will happen to mine.
If this is a know issue with these or other fans there really should of been s warning or something on AQ’s part.

So how is this issue going to affect my AQ over time? What other fans have this issue and what fans should I now be looking at to avoid this issue?

I cannot say for certain that this will affect you or not. The reason this happened to me, as stated above, is because the fans pull a lot of current during startup (especially at full power startup). I think it's difficult for AC to issue a warning as there are multiple flavors of fans out there.

The least I can do is post the response from Aqua Computer Support:

I started having problems with the Aquaero 6 Pro and the fan outputs about a week ago.

On boot they randomly error out with overcurrent error. I have to try a few times to be able to have all my fans spinning.

The fan outputs control the following:
1 - 4 x EK Vardar 120ER
2 - 6 x EK Vardar 120ER
3 - PWM pumps (only PWM signal, no current)
4 - 6 x EK Vardar 120ER


IMO, there's no reason that 6 fans would trip the OC protection but what concerns me most is that even output 3 (which has no load) error-ed out.

No start boost active.

you are not the first customer who reports about strange problems when the aquaero is used with EK Vardar fans.

It might be possible that the starting current of these fans is too high. You can easily check this by lowering the number of fans per channel.

That one fan channel still brings up the problem even though nothing is connected to it, is very likely a problem with the hardware. Unfortunately it is quite likely that a monitoring chip has been damaged. This is nothing that you can fix yourself. You would have to send in the device for a check and repair. I also have to add that it is unlikely that this kind of damage will be covered by the warranty. In the end it will depend on our analysis of the error.
I haven't sent the unit in for testing, but instead bought a Quadro controller and moved the fans to it. It works for now, but who knows for how long

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