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Quote: Originally Posted by Unknownm View Post
Bought my H320 from NCIX Burnaby late 2014

4 years of ownership its about time to replace the liquid. Also because 1 year ago temps got high had to lower the overclock

Never changed liquid AIO before but through some guides and help of posts I FINALLY change it

Its not hard as I was thinking, copper block had good amount of black junk that helped raise those temps one year ago.

Last picture is with high voltage (applied year old overclock again) now sitting strong at 84c prime95 avx 4k

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My old H320 from around the same period is also still running strong.

I had the same residu on my copper as well last time I cleaned it. I cleaned the plate with a toothbrush hehe. Works really well.

Only problem is, I overtightened a screw on the block and it stripped in the pump plastic. Had to replace it with a similar self-tapping screw with coarser thread. It's not leaking but it's a bit of a shame I did that 😞.

Not using it in my main rig but in a server running Minecraft private world and a TS3 server now. Only cooling a 4.5Ghz 2600K now and it never goes above 55c.

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