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Why not? if 8th gen required new socket and MB cause of power requirements, we are looking at 2 more cores that Intel will push to 5.0Ghz+, thinks about 9900K real power requirement and add another 25% min.
9990XE is only 14C and it's crazy on Power consumption.
From Anand on 9990XE power requirements:
Other details about the chip that we have learned include that it will have a listed TDP of 255W, which means the peak power will be higher. Motherboard vendors will have to support 420 amps on the power delivery for the chip (which at 1.3 volts would be 546 watts), and up to 30 amps per core.
They wont go for low clock 10C to compete against 12~16C Ryzens, they will try push the clocks to make it look better on Gaming and ST performance.

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