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Quote: Originally Posted by Shawnb99 View Post
I think one of my Vadars died on me. After reading it causes issues with the AQ, I’m looking to replace all the fans on my rads. So I’m looking for suggestions for the best fans for the rads in my sig.
As previously (and dyslexically) mentioned, the NF-A12X25 is really in a class by itself...but is also brown. If you can't live with the brown, the SW3 would be my next choice (p/p on the GTR). The eLoops are nice performing and sounding fans, but howl like banshees with any intake side obstruction, so they would be a no-go on the GTR. Corsair MLs perform pretty well, but I find their sound signature a little irritating, and they can't be voltage controlled.

Quote: Originally Posted by thagabe View Post
NOT 100% sure on this one but it is highly rated: Silent typhoons, tho they may be hard to find as they are no longer being produced.
Gentle Typhoons are still made, they are a Nidec Servo product. They are simply no longer available with Scythe branding.

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