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LGA 1366 Xeon HAF 932 water cooling

Hey everyone,

I'm changing up an old rig and adding in a Xeon X5675 cpu.

Going to overclock to 4.5 at least and use this as a test rig for water cooling so I'm more prepared for doing it on my new Threadripper build once Computex is over.

There are no kits that support LGA 1366 anymore that I can find. I did once try out the XSPS Rasa kits back in 2012 but failed and sold it lol.

I need some help getting my parts together.

The list of blocks I've found are here.

The Coolermaster HAF 932 case is ok ... not the best nowadays but what res/pump combo would be recommended?

What recommendations on tubing size are there? I'm probably going to go soft tube in this case and PTEG tube in my Threadripper build (not sure what case yet until Computex is over).

The radiator will just be a 240 at the top as that's all that would fit. Are XSPC rads recommended?

I've read about not mixing metals ... so what metal is recommended? Does this mean the block, rad, fittings etc... should all be either aluminium/nickel or copper? What does it mean when a block is gold plated?


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