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Quote: Originally Posted by TopM5 View Post
So, what is best fan according to you in under 1500rpm ?
Well.....it's not really according to me as much as it is according to actual results. First, we are talking about 120mm fans here, not 140mm fans. I'm guessing that @Shawnb99 has no interest in replacing all of his rads for the pleasure of using average 140mm fans. Second, it isn't about "under 1500 rpm" nearly as much as it is about "at like noise levels", or conversely which fan is quieter at the same performance level, and which has the nicer sound signature. Given that, the NF-A12X25 far outperforms the NF-F12 iPPC in every respect, and it doesn't have the iPPC's bearing noise that those with sensitive hearing find so irritating. The OP is using 24 fans....24 iPPC would be like nails on a chalkboard at any speed due to that bearing noise. Take a look at actual measured performance through a rad below 1500 rpm - https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/...x25_PWM/5.html - the iPPC stacks up very poorly next to the NF-A12X25, SW3, ML120, GT, and even the $15 Phanteks F120ML.

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