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Quote: Originally Posted by vvv850 View Post
You are still confusing Voltage with Current. The AQ has an OCP (Over Current Protection) and it signals a trip by visual and audible signals. The voltage on a PWM controlled header is always around 12V so measuring the voltage doesn't give you anything. Measuring current is another thing entirely and, if you don't know what you are doing, please don't try it.

Regarding the fan specs. They state the power draw and not the peak startup power. One is maximum power draw at max RPM and one is Peak Power draw during startup. Most fan "manufacturers" do not state the second.

There are more inconsistencies in your post but I'm not going over them here.

Most likely, the monitoring chip got degraded in time due to stress from the Vardar behavior on start up. Unfortunately, EK does not inform the buyers of this behavior. Their support personnel are in the dark also.
Hi there

There are not many companies which releasing full specs including P-Q curves of their fans like in past have been Nidec

D1225C(Gentle Typhoon 2150RPM) have in normal operation draw is around 0.123A and on start up can draw up to 0.53A

Here is good review of DARKSIDE Gentle Typhoon fans which are same or similar to above mentioned D1225C


Where you can see or read normal operating voltage and normal draw in Amps and peak or start up draw which is

Power: 12VDC, 0.1A (0.44A peak max)

I have run to same issue in past with Vardar F3 1850RPM that time I have run only 6 of them on one header and this issue I never encountered on any other fans later on and I tried several fans on my 6XT

Did you asked EK support about the starting draw what is it?

Hope this helps

Thanks, Jura
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