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Quote: Originally Posted by Hwgeek View Post
Damn. The slides department looks like working 24/7 in full steam!...
IMO they are trying to stop the stock price free fall, over 20% in two weeks.
This is what happens when you have 99% of the market-share for many years and you can charge as much as you want for your products and Bamm, 1 Day you get Real competition with 32C at third of your current price and before you Blink the competitor has 64C CPU's.
This makes me happy since we all know that Intel's engineers could have made amazing product and development in last 10 years but the Marketing department was having all the power, now the engineers must be happy to get all the new R&D money and much more freedom and appreciation so can make Intel Great again :-).
Its too late, I hope everything about Intel crashes.

And guess what, the new Comet-Lake I heard need new motherboard for its CPU again. You can see their stubbornness in gouging their fan? LOL.

P.S, they need change that naming scheme, it is so confusing now, why are they still on "lake" till now?

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