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Quote: Originally Posted by 1Kaz View Post
If your willing to spend the time overclocking, you can push your 930 up to 4 ghz. I'd recommend a beefy air cooler if you go that route, water cooling only has advantages if your case doesn't have good airflow, or you want to water cool your graphics card(s). Most 3rd party air coolers are good enough for graphics cards, so water cooling only benefits if you overclock and push the limits. My buddy lost his graphics card because the water block on his graphics card eventually leaked. There are risks, you need to make sure the rewards out way the risks. If you are not taking the time to overclock I would not water cool.

The Xeon would be a good upgrade. It's often a recommended upgrade from the 930 because the sockets are the same and the processors are cheap. It's not an advantage if you end up buying a new motherboard.

I have a hard time recommending a new motherboard because I haven't done the research. How much would a board cost for that chip? How much of an advantage are you getting? Realistically, if the computer can do the work, the only thing different would be the speed it's done in, and the amount of electricity used to do it. If the electricity used is less to do the same job, it's saving money. The question is, would it be used enough for the savings to outweigh the cost of a new board? Note, your cost per KW of electricity plays a huge role in this calculation. Cryptocurrency mining calculators might be worth using, they often consider cost of electricity with work output.

The 2060 doesn't benchmark well. It's selling point is AI assisted upscaling. If you aren't using that, I wouldn't get it.
Thanks 1Kaz.

No, a new motherboard isn't worth it from what I've seen. If I get a new mobo it'll be a new system. I see no point in spending money on a new X58 board.

The 2060 does actually perform well for what I'm planning on using it for.

See here for example.

Were you talking about gaming benchmarks? I won't be gaming with this.

Water cooling is more of an enthusiast thing than something 'I need'. I just want to do it xD

Thanks again!

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