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Quote: Originally Posted by pmc25 View Post
Thank you, it did indeed ship today. Indicating a Thursday delivery.

Unrelated question:

Are you guys planning to revisit your AM4 blocks? With it now being an open secret that Ryzen 3 chips will include both 12 and 16 core CPUs, when overclocked, even at 7nm, these are likely to output a lot more heat than the Ryzen 1 & 2 8 cores. If that wasn't the case, then the X570 boards wouldn't be getting beefier VRMs and heatsinks. Maybe more fins or a different design for the block would help?

Also, another nag re: the Radeon VII block. Any progress?

Zen2 blocks:we are aware of the new design and are currently trying to get a test sample to determine how our current block performs on that layout. Dependingon that data, we will make the call if a dedicated block is necessary.

Radeon VII block: no update, sorry.

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