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Quote: Originally Posted by TwoCables View Post
Editing a few videos won't result in a high power consumption.

How many hours per day would this gaming be done? 2? 3? I don't know many people who can spend much more time than that gaming, except maybe on the weekends. I mean, really, unless it's like 10 hours per day, it doesn't increase the average all that much.

People get far more worried about power consumption than they should, especially when they are carefully making sure to buy a GOOD power supply. "Omg, I game for 3 hours per day with my GTX 2080. I'd better buy a good 850W PSU". Facepalm. That would be a stupid way to spend money. Period.
well I used to spend most of every day playing games, which is down to my personal circumstances, indeed that will likely be the case in the future as well... in some ways its great having nothing but leisure time in others not so much /
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