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Quote: Originally Posted by ghm007 View Post
Hello all,

I'm coming to the Asus x470 from an asrock x370 gaming k4, and I had a weird bios question that I'm having a hard time finding an answer for:

For the Asrock, when tweaking any memory timings, if the timings didn't take, it would try to boot a few times, and then revert back to stable default settings; with the Asus x470, when the timings don't take, it just restarts with no video feed, and wouldn't boot into bios until I jumped the mb to clear the cmos.

My question is, do I need to physically reset the cmos every time I tweak something and it doesn't boot? Am I missing something obvious that would emulate the "try a few times, didn't take, reset to default" behavior of the asrock?

Ty in advance!

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No you don't, it might take some time like minute or 2 and or several passes but it eventually boots to "Press F1....... "

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