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Quote: Originally Posted by animeowns View Post
so far I think the best bet we have for a 55 inch oled monitor with hdmi 2.1 and dp 1.4 is the dell alienware monitor I notice most displays I have gamed on I really have no need for gsync/freesync as long its on a high refresh rate panel and getting 60+ fps
That will probably be very nice, and DP 1.4 is very attractive. I hope it will also have the Portrait Displays calibration the 2019 LG OLEDs have. The builtin pattern generator and full DCC control was amazing. After calibration I have a true BT.709 with colorchecker dE all below 1, with max grayscale error at 0.5. I have never had such perfect gamma and color accuracy.

The C9 is already a very nice display after full calibration and I was too impatient to wait for Dell. After their first 30" 120Hz OLED that never happened I also don't trust their timelines very much. It will probably be very expensive too and without G-sync I wouldn't be willing to pay too much more than the C9. A high end GPU with full HDMI 2.1 is probably not too far away but I will miss that DP 1.4.

I agree that the refresh rate is more important than the VRR, or at least that with 120Hz VRR is less important. However, VRR is still a big plus.

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