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Quote: Originally Posted by Asmodian View Post
This is not true. The module does the frame duplication if the frame rate drops below the min refresh rate so the GPU driver doesn't have to know the specifics of that monitor. It also communicates back to the GPU when it does this so the GPU can wait for it to finish. This prevents issues like flickering or tearing if the driver stalls and similar.

I am hopeful HDMI 2.1 VRR will be great, and I own a C9 in part because of it, but saying the G-sync module does nothing extra is a lie.
GPU can perform LFC just fine without Gsync module in monitor. All the specifics that NV GPU needs to know is minimum "Range limit - V rate" if you want to alter it via CRU. At max refresh/2 it will start to LFC to as low at it can, <20fps really.
Haven't had any flickering or tearing. Driver stalls... you've got bigger driver issues then and some supposed frame buffering with smoothing retiming in Gsync module adding delays to frames isn't gonna save you.

With a Gsync module monitor I've actually had more issues than with those without one. Granted some of this may be due to NV GPU driver but one would definitely hope that for the extra cost of a Gsync module equipped monitor it would perform better and offer more features but it does neither! More issues, less features... for more money.


Lets face it this Dell is just a rebranded LG panel same as all other 55", 65" etc. OLED panel based products. There sure is space for improvement and offering better electronics with this panel as always. The stand Dell chose... not a fan, it's gonna wobble. Big screens need two legs not one central leg.

If Dell wants to go all in, they should offer DP 1.4 or 2.0, HDMI2.1, VRR on both 120Hz minimum, strobing in VRR even if it may be quite dim and people are gonna complain oh no it's dim I would still take that over no strobing whether it's per pixel, per line or per frame strobing.

Why bother with proprietary software and tools to calibrate LG TVs, I thought it's automated but no it's more of a cooperation with calibration software/hardware company. I would rather use open source software that can access the in TV/monitor HW LUT and any off the shelf calibration device to use with it. With LG it seems you need to buy the software and what not that has access to the in TV LUT, who knows if it works with open source yet or other paid tools that you get with calibration devices.

HW LUT that can be calibrated is great, but it has to be accessible without paying $1000+ etc. to do so.
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