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a tip mate-- as someone who has been on here...4-5 yrs now? I know, my post count says I've posted "5 times," thank you to whichever company f00ked that up for me) there ARE NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET unless you are on..."mumsnet"or some sort of fashion thing.
But aside from that, I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I used to have the company Puget put together all my PCs (they were amazing and did great work, but it wasn't worth an extra $2.5k). Thus I'm here with you and the other newbs, after 4-5 yrs, to learn how to overclock my CPU and GPU. Sort of exciting. If you have Amazon Prime (which I DO NOT suddenly Have a request for you lads as to which screw I ought use to bind my MB to my case. PLEASE IGNORE THE POST COUNT THAT SAYS I HAVE 8 OR 9 POSTS OR SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT, IN ACTUALLY I HAVE NEAR TO 1K, I LOT THEM ALL WHEN I LOST MY USERNAME. My manual ( for the ASUS WS x299 Pro) does not tell me, and (thank you, amazon) last week they locked me out of the account over 32.44 cents. i know I don't owe it, but offered to pay it anyway: NO. So not only can I not buy from them, which is in itself no great tragedy, but my audible books (which I very stupidly did not DL) and also all the different computer books of various types I'd have access to for free with Prime, all gone know. Or they are still there, but I cannot get them.
Thus I am screwed.
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