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Quote: Originally Posted by nickb2 View Post
Hi guy's and gal's.

I Just started getting into overclocking, wanted to start with a no buzz kill set up.

In the mean time, I know it is always customary to introduce one self.

I am a french canadian automotive diagnostic technician.

I use some pretty serious software for various different needs pertaining to my work, but in my home environment I tend to shy away from boosting stuff as so many disclaimers are pasted everywhere in the pc/laptop and even the cell/smartphone dept.

So my awareness arose once I saw 4g networks in cars being used in the same manner as in home or business networks.

So my intention is to be here and build a old set up and try to crank it to the max of what it is capable of.

If anyone want to help, plz do so. If any want to laugh, PLZ do so. If anyone want to prank me, I invite it as all my test stuff is decade or so old and I don't give a flying f it it fries. This is just a beginners tug into what may lead to interesting results in the long run.

Thx in advance, and I apologize for bad english, french canadian is my first language.

I hope this will be fun.

Regards, Nick from quebec canada
You're safe here. We don't have many malicious users anymore. They tend to hover around the Noob farms that're Reddit & the chans.

not 100% what your'e referring to with 4G, etc... but I think you're referring to the security risks?

This is why I buy motherboards that DO NOT buy top tier boards. There's no point anymore. I used to buy them for the coherent BIOS, but most manufacturers are putting good GUI on all their boards now so the extra cost for shartty onboard audio, bad raid, & built in wifi/bluetooth is a waste.

it also costs way less in the long run to just buy a bluetooth/wifi card, raid card, & external sound management.

R.I.P. Zawarudo, may you OC angels' wings in heaven.
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