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Quote: Originally Posted by Netherworld View Post
Hello guys,

I have a question regarding GPU Thickness with the Phanteks Shift. I own a Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+, which is a Triple-Slot-Card (54 mm). The Nitro+ Cooler is one of the best GPU Coolers out there, so i figure the GPU won't die a horrible heat death. However, can someone confirm that the GPU will actually fit into the GPU bracket? Phanteks doesn't specify max thickness in their Manual.

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I’m afraid it will not. If you look at the first posts here, some of us has problems fitting a Strix 1080Ti which is 2.5 slots. I’ve recently tried a Strix 2080Ti (which is 2.75 I believe?) and there is no way it would fit in the bracket without modding. You could however cut off a bit of the bracket and probably make it fit..
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