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Quote: Originally Posted by verovdp View Post
i3 8xxxU series is indeed sufficient for academic tasks like MS Office and LaTeX. however you would be wise to invest in a laptop with an i5 8xxxU series cpu as that will allow for more flexibility with extra tasks, browser tabs for research, etc. More money up front, but less likely to have an issue running something more strenuous when the need arises. AMD powered laptops are a suitable alternative, but Intel still has the edge when it comes to overall battery life and the availability of more well rounded systems from laptop OEMs.
Well yeah... I am not the kind of person who buys his gadgets frequently, I am still using my 400$ AMD E1 powered Toshiba laptop, I think I should take the chances and get an 8th gen i5 laptop, despite the sad fact that they are overpriced here in Russia. Laptops cost extra ~100$ than in the US, and they have downgraded specs (HDDs instead of SSDs and 6G RAM out of the box).

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