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Quote: Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
That's the thing, I can't RMA it anymore. It was bought over 2 years ago and Logitech warranty is now only 2 years. Sigh~
My original G900 which I'm still using on one computer is still working great. This one been sitting in original sealed box for 2 years, in a dry and cool room, not exposed to direct sunlight or anything and wheel is all messed up. If this is normal rubber degradation, how do they not have this problem in retail stores or warehouse lol.
I tried a little bit 70% rubbing alcohol, seems less sticky but still sticky nonetheless. Maybe need 90%+?....
Does Logitech offer repair service if I pay for it?
91% works well. Try it and take your time. If you can remove all of the stickiness, if the grooves are still in the wheel and identical to your old one, the wheel should work.
For all the hate the G502 "brick" got, its metal wheel never, ever wore out.

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