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The long 3 fan cards are overkill IMO, especially on the thicker 3 slot designs. I have an EVGA XC Ultra which is a reference PCB (short) 3 slot design with a really thick heatsink and two fans, and it very rarely gets enough load to even get the fans to 50%. Peak load temps are in the low 70's but more common loads are in the 60's. And this is on a pretty aggressively overclocked card (see GPUZ below for my 24/7 OC; I can go higher for benchmarks).

So yeah, my point is that I'd consider any of the long 3 fan custom PCB cards, or any of the shorter reference PCB 2 fan cards with thicker form factors. Any of these should be able to stay nice and cool/quiet under normal gaming loads, even when overclocked. Don't get any blower cards, founders cards, or any thin (2 slot) reference PCB cards if you can avoid it. Power connectors are basically irrelevant since 8+6 pin can provide more than enough power for ANY 2080 even at pretty insane below-ambient overclocks. The custom PCB cards with 8+8 pin connectors tend to have better silicon, which is the real difference in terms of clocks. It has nothing to do with power pins, and little to do even with the VRM considering how good the reference VRM is.
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