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Quote: Originally Posted by 8564dan View Post
Hey all,

Whenever I go to uninstall a piece of software, I like to 'completely remove' it. I have gone in the registry and deleted things etc... I always feel like I miss something though.

I'm just wondering if there is a recommended way of doing it properly? An automated way perhaps?

I used to use CCleaner in the past but I haven't used it for a while now - I read that it wasn't that great - is there a program anyone can recommend that does what I want?

I do fresh installs of Windows every now and then but it's a pain getting everything installed again and setup, so this time around I want to do the 'housekeeping' of the OS properly and keep it as clean as possible.

I routinely use wise disk cleaner and wise registry cleaner after I uninstall software, and have had great results. Both are available at MajorGeeks.com. All my Windows 10 PCs run faster and cleaner than they did when brand new (especially good at cleaning up the scraps left after bloatware removal).
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