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Its OK to use other software to hep you remove either apps or reg but tbh. they tend to be useless. They will make you feel that you have removed what you think you have removed but they leave a ton of reg traces, empty folders ext.

I always slim my OS to the MAX by removing most apps and all associated registry and folders.

Buck up your PC OS first encase you mess something up.

Take your PC offline, remove unneeded app one-by-one then show hidden files and folders and delete any folders associated with that software.

Go to registry and search then delete all reg. that were associated with that app, to make search of registry faster hit F3 rather then "find next", once you get to "%systemroot%" directory that might show association with removed app DON'T DELETE, it might make your system unbootable, move on to the next app you want to remove.

Take your time but once you done, your system will be lean, clean and quick and most important, you will remove only apps, reg and folders that were associated with apps and crap you want to remove, some of the "helpful" cleaning apps will either remove more then they should or leave ton crap behind.

Afterwords, you can disable either through registry or UI all auto run tasks that really don't need to run e.g. disk defrag, winsat, and other.

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