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New Loop & Drain config suggestions

i am looking for suggestions as I am adding a drain valve and looking to see if my new schema is more optimal.
Quick backstory, original build was my first custom loop, i understand CPU -> GPU line was not optimal but I realized the direction after bending and was limited on extra tubing and time. so fast forward, i have to replace all 6 fans (4 died). They sent me 6 new fans cause well good customer service.
I am looking to see if my new looping idea is solid and/or suggestions/comments.
Old Loop produced 16-18c CPU and probably about 45-50c GPU(but I can't remember exactly the GPU, which i know is more important since it was post CPU)

Old loop

New loop 1

New Loop 2

I thank all feedback
and i know the RES was really low, but I not all the fans crapped out at the same time
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