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Quote: Originally Posted by fra z View Post

I've got a technical question about internet speed and bandwidth.

To play a game online with other players such as a car racing game or sports or whatever else is played online what is the minimum acceptable internet speed in Gb/s - Giga-bits-per-second?

Got a bit of a nasty shock today with internet speed down at 5-8 mega-bits per second - When the service was taken out it was around 25-30 mega-bits per second but has plummeted recently which would be a deal breaker for the service being carried on.

I don't have high speed broadband but I've been told it is coming at some point

So I need to figure the lowest internet speed that is possible to online games without any problems in mega bits per second.

Thanks in advance ---
latency and packet loss is way more important than your up/down, specially if you're the only one using that slow line.

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