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better start getting those azure certs if you haven't yet boyz

as to the topic -

streaming content is here to stay/come. Anyone with a shield has likely tinkered with it on and off for the last two years as NV's given us free titles to derp around in.

It'll be a side-feature for now, and eventually become its own low end SKU in the form of game subs, and a possible "thin client" device on your end if you want the best possible streamed-in experience. It'll be the best bet for a large majority of gamers once you can't tell the difference between the two latency wise, or even before then if you look @ Netflix & its sub-par image quality

i feel like stories like this literally trigger epeen shrinky sensations in some folks pants. it's interesting.

Quote: Originally Posted by diggiddi View Post
Trying to counteract Google Stadia, I see
unlikely since all three have their hand in the streaming games cookie jar. More likely MS gave them a better deal, not to mention better customer support. ALSO less possibility of waking up to no back end for your play station to rely on. Google also has zero game experience... Hey maybe in a few years it'll be the M$ony PlayBox3 Vs. Google-Game.

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