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How check if Overclock it's stable

Hi guys.
I wondering how is the correct way or correct method to test a CPU with OC and say "it's stable" or "now I can set as default" to use the computer normaly, like if you don't do OC. I mean, use the computer like stock clocks and do all your stuffs.

I read some people say that the OC it's stable when you run Prime95 on blend test, another says when you run Prime95 without running AVX, and another says when use OCCT, and another says don't use Prime95 or OCCT and only check if the games run normaly. Obviosly the problem came with the CTD or BSOD.

Cleary, when you ran the PC at stock values you can do all the mentionated things without problems.

So then, how I know when I do OC correctly?
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