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Quote: Originally Posted by ILoveHighDPI View Post
I love how no-one is willing to mention Apple as part of the gaming market.
It’s amazing how Apple could be so ignorant that even with billions of iOS devices in the world there is still room for Nintendo to be highly successful launching a dedicated gaming tablet.
Angry Birds doesn't count.

Quote: Originally Posted by ILoveHighDPI View Post
Sony gave up and admitted they can’t do online infrastructure.
It’s amazing how cultural trends affect global business. The Americans are masters of digital networking, controlling the flow of online data is like a 21st century version of the Oil industry.

“If you can’t beat-em, join-em.”
From now on as soon as people start streaming Playstation content they’ll be on a Microsoft platform. Microsoft turned Sony from a competitor into a customer, I’m sure the shareholders are very pleased.
Sony isn't in the business of doing online infrastructure at all. There are not many options when it comes to server hosting on this scale, and there is just no way to even entertain the idea that Sony could host streaming themselves. Microsoft is a good choice seeing that server hosting is pretty much what they do. Sony didn't give up on anything, doing their own infrastructure was never even within the realm of possibilities.

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