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Quote: Originally Posted by Aelius View Post
Yeah, I've just never been able to stand the look of any Phanteks cases.

I've considered the Cosmos II as well, but unfortunately they stupidly only put one 200mm fan for the front. What an insult. Couldn't even give us a 180mm to at least put an AP182 there or something. There are literally no decent 200mm consumer fans in existence.
Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
To me Cosmos II is butt ugly. As for Corsair, their construction quality is not even close to Phanteks. Phanteks are much stronger and better built.

Many Phanteks owners who had Corsair before have commented on how much better Phanteks is built. Phanteks has many different styles of case, some not much different than Corsair, like Enthoo Primo, Luxe and Pro .. or new huge Elite.

But if Corsair looks nicer to you go ahead and get it. Maybe you will be happy with it.
Agreed with @doyll on all counts. Corsair cases are terrible dollar for dollar next to Phanteks, Fractal or a number of others. Build quality and design is always what should be expected from a case at half the price of a Corsair.

And in addition to the Cosmos line being less than attractive (subjective, I know), the design is seriously antiquated and airflow is not up to the standards of more recent designs.

Yeah....the little girl hentai avatar is really creeping me out....
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