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Quote: Originally Posted by Dasa View Post
Took my Radeon VII apart today and tried too install a old Storm G5 silver CPU block on it after drilling some new holes in the mount plate but the bolts are too fat and I cant find any bolts long enough ~70mm that are thin enough.
The only workaround I can think of at the moment is to try turn down the welder low enough and see if I can weld the thick and thin bolts together.
can you not walk down your local hardware store (lowes, home depot, etc... not sure what you have "down under") and look at what the hardware isle has. I know here in the states, lowes and home depot have a billion different nuts and bolts from SS, Brass, regular steel, galvanized, etc... starting from 3mm all the way up to HUGE. Surely you can find the right fasteners for what you need

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