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Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
I'll be surprised if Keys don't end up being in their store. It's EPIC. Seems the smash success of FortNite has allowed them to pretend they're something they're not, via a customer base that is too new and too ignorant to know their past.
What's Epic?

Gearbox is the developer, 2K is the publisher. What makes you think Epic has any say on in-game content?

Quote: Originally Posted by Ceadderman View Post
I can't remember but didn't Epic introduce microtransactions in BL2? Not sure how that went with everyone else but I simply avoid them knowing they don't make the game better.

The exclusivity however, I won't be purchasing any time soon.

Am I missing something? What did Epic have to do with BL2?

I get that it's fashionable to hate on them, but do they have *any* connection with this game or prior games other than the limited-time exclusive store deal?

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