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Quote: Originally Posted by bluedevil View Post
Don't get me wrong, it's a great case. But like I said, it's a touch overpriced and I wish the side panels went on easier.
The side panels thing is a might bit irritating, given it's 2019 and we've struggled with terrible designs for decades. One would think they could see what works in other cases and adapt to that. I guess I'm at the point that, once a computer is working, it's probably staying closed for a few years. So I guess that's not a 'huge' discouragement for me. I can see how that might impact others a lot more though.

Quote: Originally Posted by Fluxmaven View Post
Really is a sweet case. I feel like they should drop the price a bit and make the Rev. 2 white edition. While it appears to be a high quality case, it's not special enough to be so close to the $300 price point.
As much as I'm anxious to start buying parts, I figure I'll wait until during or after Computex, just in case they have a new revision or sales due to other products. I'm curious though, what cases at the $300 price point are really worth it nowadays? This is coming from someone who currently has a Caselabs case, and has used several Lian Li and Silverstone cases over the years that have been around that price point. As much as I'd like BeQuiet to use a solid brick of aluminum or steel, it's becoming less and less viable due to costs, and plastics are generally getting better.

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