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Quote: Originally Posted by technodanvan View Post
The side panels thing is a might bit irritating, given it's 2019 and we've struggled with terrible designs for decades. One would think they could see what works in other cases and adapt to that. I guess I'm at the point that, once a computer is working, it's probably staying closed for a few years. So I guess that's not a 'huge' discouragement for me. I can see how that might impact others a lot more though.

As much as I'm anxious to start buying parts, I figure I'll wait until during or after Computex, just in case they have a new revision or sales due to other products. I'm curious though, what cases at the $300 price point are really worth it nowadays? This is coming from someone who currently has a Caselabs case, and has used several Lian Li and Silverstone cases over the years that have been around that price point. As much as I'd like BeQuiet to use a solid brick of aluminum or steel, it's becoming less and less viable due to costs, and plastics are generally getting better.

There just aren't a lot of good full tower case options these days. Nearly everything is mid tower. Now that Caselabs is gone, there really isn't much in the super tower form factor either. I'm not a huge fan of the tempered glass trend. Especially when it's a solid panel on the front forcing air to flow through narrow openings along the sides. Slapping a tempered glass panel onto a flimsy thin steel and plastic case doesn't make it premium.

I do recognize that the price of materials is going up, so for BeQuiet to make this same case completely out of aluminum, it would probably push it well out of budget for most people. I don't know what the answer is, I just don't see a lot in the case market they really blows me away currently.
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