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Quote: Originally Posted by Almost Heathen View Post
Thank you, I'll check that out. I had stumbled upon his data about the W3680 power limit MSRs and MSR values on page 18, which has been invaluable (seems to be required info for overclocking on Linux).

Nice, I'll check out PC Wizard as well. CAS 6 is very low latency indeed, so far I've only been able to achieve the default of CAS 7. By all indications, the 0x501h it's also locked at 1066MHz. There was some mention that 1333 was available on a previous BIOS but downgrading is risky enough business that I'll pass on finding out, it would be a shame to brick the board.

Hopefully I'll have some time to revisit the chips capabilities tonight. I'm going to try the 1333 from my "workstation" in the X58 and see what happens. I'm not sure if it's worth playing around with bus/BCLK/FSB to increase RAM speed or not, or even if it's possible, but I'll probably give that a go too. I think my previous concern over bus speed fluctuations may be unfounded; where the i7 920 would crash with all of +5 on the FSB, it seems these Xeons are much more capable.

Luckily this board seems to have a pretty robust heatsink, and I replaced the thermal pads a couple years back. Added a small fan blowing air at the VRM as well. But I appreciate the info regardless.
There have been some reports of using a bootable SATA controller card to move the SATA controller to the PCIE bus so if the BCLK increase crashes the SATA clock it doesn't matter. You can also gain newer SATA speed and USB 3.0 capacity by doing that. This was on some 2 CPU Dell workstations but might be worth a try.
The meory controller is on the CPU. The i7 only had 1066 speed, the W3680 should have 1333 available. May be you need to reset the CMOS to clear out some old settings?

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