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GEMA - New games platform client

saw this on reddit earlier


"Our mission is to empower, expand, and connect the gaming community for greater adventures."

The ultimate gaming platform.
Instant Game Access
Roam through an unparalleled world of games. Whether you're looking for an intense FPS or an epic massively-multiplayer game, GEMA's got your back.

Unified Game Library
We understand how messy multiple game libraries can be, so GEMA combines all your PC games to be in one safe place.

Game Battles
Feeling competitive? Find other teams to match up against in an intense game battle.

The Pack
GEMA knows that games themselves are only half the fun, we want to connect you to a growing community to complete the other half.


interesting, and a bit silly... advertising as a unifying force among a fractured market... somehow having all the games, and their own games.

The part I like - "The Pack" I'd love to see game launchers include a voip system and a guild system, all within the client... This way its all being tracked in one place, instead of across random websites, etc. I miss the days of being part of an active guild, and the ability to track one down & join hasn't changed since the beginning really. It's time its all bundled together in one place. Its rare I ever get a chance to game with a squad anymore as we've all gone in different directions over the years, and its a PITA to go source out new folks to pew pew with.

they're right that a large part of gaming is the community. Specially for those of us that grew up in the split screen era of awesomeness.

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