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Quote: Originally Posted by Gruncle View Post
Hey guys, just registered to chime in. Finally swapped my 930 for a 5660 and have overclocked to 3.8GHz. She posts and survives Intel Burn Test at 4.2GHz but windows...acts weird. I'm honestly happy with 3.8GHz.

Anyhow, I have a GTX1070 non-OC. I'm trying to play Assassin's Creed Origins and...my framerates are completely unstable and routinely dip below 30.

Other 1070 users report staying above 60. I've followed their guides and tweaked in-game settings along with the nVidia 3D settings panel to mixed results. These exact settings have other users jumping for joy as their FPS spiked up by 20-30fps!

I've read that people in this position are typically CPU constrained, but watching task manager as I play the CPU never peaks above 90% (HT on).

Is what I'm seeing a result of the lack of AVX? I can't come up with another explanation...

Anyone here who's played the game?
I don't own that game but I have been playing games with 5660 for a few years now and never had any issue like the one you describe.

I don't think the issue is from only running at 3.8 but there is something not right if you cannot get 4.2GHz tbh. You should really look into that as it may or may not be the issue but worth looking into. I can run 4.6GHz but I do not bother to daily like that as I have no need for it and I have been running 4.2GHz for a few years now.

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