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Quote: Originally Posted by cam51037 View Post
I'm having an issue with my Shimian 1440p monitor, wondering if anyone has experienced this before?
Basically, when I turn on the monitor, the light in the bottom right corner of the monitor turns from red to blue, as it should, and then the backlight comes on. Even though the monitor is plugged into my computer, no video is displayed. I've been able to temporarily fix the problem by unplugging the DVI cable from the computer and plug it back in - after trying this a few dozen times eventually the monitor begins to display again. It seems that once the monitor is outputting video it has no issues until I turn the monitor off again. Then I have to unplug and plug the DVI cable back in a few dozen times to have any video display.
Some things I've tried:
  • Using a different DVI cable - no effect
  • Using the current DVI cable with a different monitor - no issues
  • Checking monitor power and video connections to ensure they're solid and that they aren't dusty
I did some reading and wasn't able to find anybody with this issue on a Shimian monitor, but I found a thread where it was happening to somebody with another Asian 1440p display. It sounded like the problem was a dislodged ribbon cable in the monitor itself, but I just want to see if anyone in the OCN community has experienced this before I start tearing this monitor apart. Also, the monitor is out of warranty (just my luck ).
I have had my refurb QH270 for at least 3 years now. It's been awesome, but it's now doing exactly what you described. I've seen a few posts but no solutions. Did you ever figure it out?

Does anyone know if we can swap driver boards and possibly even upgrade this panel to displayport from Dual-DVI?
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