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I have a X5660 @4.2Ghz for a few years no issue with a Gigabyte board and I set everything to auto except Vcore: 1.3000 and QPI/VTT 1.235 and DDR voltage or what ever it's called set to 1.64 but I don't know if you need to set yours as high as that as you have a lower speed RAM than me. In the spec sheets my RAM need 1.65V at 1600MHz. Oh yea and Load line calibration set to standard.

Oh I forget to mention that is just the voltages obviously I have turbo off and all other settings in the turbo page turned on all power saves and BCLK set to 200 and 21 multi and QPI 36, Uncore 16, and spd 8 but I need them like that as I have 1600MHz RAM.

Also I have the correct timings for my RAM set got them from the manufacturers website. I also do not have XMP set either.

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