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Quote: Originally Posted by Defoler View Post
I'll wait until the CPU actually releases.
Seems too good to be true.
If the CPU is real, I very much doubt they will price it as mid-low point. And I would expect it to be 2000$ or so. If they get the best of the best, AMD will not be hesitant to put a high price on it.
If you are talking $2000 USD - that is just ridiculous .
They are chasing mind share and market share . It will be competitively priced but I doubt it will be cheap , I doubt that it will be more expensive than the current 16 core Thread Ripper and most likely $100 or so cheaper .
The thing I suspect will affect prices is the amount of Ryzen 2XXX cpus in the channel .
You actually sound like a Shareholder , wishful thinking !
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